Samantha & Trevor

Whimsy Weddings & Events ~ Wes Mosley Photography ~ Johnstown, Ohio


When I first met with Samantha, it was at her parents beautiful golf course...originally she wanted her wedding there...but, concerns about space and weather had them looking at other options. Her father had recently purchased an old bowling alley to rehab...and size wise for their 300+ person wedding it was perfect...but...the work needed to get it wedding ready in a short amount of time was a monumental task...but, Samantha has a monumental Dad! Guests at her wedding who remembered (and bowled) at that ally in it's better days...were amazed by the transformation. You never would have believed is former dilapidated condition. We even made table numbers out of salvaged bowling pins...a playful nod to it's history. Such a great celebration

Taryn Langwasser