Holly & Shawn

Whimsy Weddings & Events ~ KLB Photography ~ Muirfield Family Backyard

Holly picked a beautiful spot on a wooded trail next to the Scioto River to have her ceremony...BUT...there's one factor you just can't predict...mother nature! A a huge summer storm came sweeping through during the scheduled ceremony time...Shawn & their guests stood poised and ready under umbrellas...the string quartet was refusing to take their sensitive instruments out...and Holly sat in a covered golf cart waiting for the worst to pass. Back at the beautifully set reception tent...our team was scrambling to upright blown over centerpieces and catch anything that was blowing away. As quickly as the storm came rolling in...it went rolling out...the sun shone...the ceremony went forward...umbrella covered violinist...protected from dripping leaves...played...and once at the reception tent...no one was the wiser to the chaos that had ensued. Sometimes, wedding hiccups make your day more memorable...and cause laughter and smiles as you reflect back on it.

Taryn Langwasser